Plastics and Polymer Related Sites

  The Plastics Network 
  Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
  Plastics Resource (American Plastics Council)
  Canadian Corporate Newsnet

Online Publications

  Science Daily  * new *
  Plastics & Rubber Weekly  * new *
  Packaging World  * new *
  Solid Waste & Recycling
  Wiley-Interscience Full Content Online Journals
  Elsevier Science Online Journals (Abstracts & Selected Full Content)
  Modern Plastics
  Plastics Technology
  Plastics News on the Web
  Waste Age Publications Online
  Injection Molding Magazine Online
  An Introduction to Plastics
  Visualizations in Material Science
  Canadian Plastics' Directory & Buyer's Guide
  The Plastics Distributor and Fabricator Magazine
  Coatings Magazine


  Society of Plastics Engineers
  Society of Plastics Industry
  American Chemical Society - Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc.
  Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  Canadian Plastics Industry Association

Government & Related

  Materials and Manufacturing Ontario
  Strategis Industry Canada Online
  Fedworld Information Network
  The Canadian Technology Network (CTN)
  Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)
  NRC Industrial Materials Institute
  National Technology Transfer Center
  China Market (E-Commerce of Industrial Products in PRC)

Standards Associations & Related

  American Society for Quality Control
  ANSI Online
  ASTM Web Site
  CSA International
  International Organization for Standardization
  ISA Online
  National Fire Protection Association
  National Institute of Standards & Technology
  Standards Council of Canada
  Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
  NSF International

Miscellaneous Sites

  MatWeb: Online Material Info Resource
  Random Lengths
  Materials Safety Data Sheets
  Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
  NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  Chemical Resistance Database
  Environment Protection Agency
  Recycler's World
  GRN (Global Recycling Network) Newstand

Corporate Pages

  AlliedSignal Plastics / Honeywell Plastics
  Amoco Corporation / BP
  AT Plastics
  Basell Polyolefins
  Bayer Plastics
  Chevron Corporation
  Ciba Specialty Chemicals
  Dow Chemical
  DuPont Dow Elastomer
  Eastman Chemical Company
  GE Plastics / GE Polymerland
  Monsanto Company
  Phillips Petroleum
  Rohm and Haas
  Shell Chemical Company
  Custom Downstream Systems, Inc.
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