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Canadian Trademark Database  * updated *
PCT Database  * new *
USPTOTrademark Database
Intellectual Property Network
USPatent and Trademark Office
U.S.Patent Database Access
U.S.Trademark Online Application
STO'sInternet Patent Search System
ChemicalPatent Plus
Patent Office of the People's Republic of China
EuropeanPatent Office (EPO)
JapanesePatent Site
Searching Japanese Patent Information
PatentInformation on the Internet (from EPO)
WackyPatent of the Month
Canadian Pacific Railway Shipment Tracking (** no longer available **)
UPSPackage Tracking
FederalExpress Tracking
DHLWorldwide Express
Airborne Express
PostalCode Lookup - Canada Post
USZIP Code Look-Up and Address Information
Statistics Canada
Universityof Toronto - UTLINK search
ChemicalAbstract Service
Canada411 - Person & Business Finder
CanadaYellow Pages
USNationwide Residential and Business Directory
Directoryof US Postal and E-mail Addresses 
InfoSpace - find people, places,& things
MapQuest- trip planning, maps & world atlas<
BigBook- info searches incl. U.S. street maps
MapBlast- Street Map Generator for US and Europe>
Yahoo! People Search
HanserGardner Plastics Book Store
The Complete Idiot's Guides - Quick Guides
DejanewsUsenet News Searcher - acquired by Google
Merriam-Webster Online
Dictionary, Crossword Puzzle, Scrabble, ...
Metric and English Unit Conversions
Whois Lookup
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